Wig Cleaning & Repair

$254.26 inc. GST



Wig Cleaning & Repair. Your Wig can be cleaned and repaired.

Email or call 03 5482 4788 for a quote and more detail.

Wigs require a special standard of care and maintenance. We offer professional wig cleaning services to make sure your wig stays in top shape.

We recommend that wigs be cleaned at least once a year to maintain their professional aesthetic. Your wig will be in good hands with our thorough wig cleaning services and repairs team.

Our wig cleaning & repair process is gentle but detailed and it doesn’t affect the colour of the wig. We remove all types of dirt, grime, odours and sulphurs. Then, we trim and re-shape the wig to perfection.

For a standard clean and tidy the price is $225

While replacing the fringe, fringe sides, curls or any other major repairs will incur an additional fee.