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P Blashki & Sons are not only manufacturers and suppliers of high quality regalia but have been for over 160 years. We proudly offer this Vest Stock with Tonsure Collar in Black Pure Wool.

Regalia is tailor-made with care to your individual measurements and manufactured by our highly qualified staff in Melbourne. In addition, we use only the finest quality fabrics available.

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Clerical Clothing

Clerical clothing is non-liturgical clothing worn exclusively by clergy. In modern times, many Christian clergy have adopted the use of a shirt with a clerical collar.

The Fourth Lateran Council, in 1215, made it mandatory for all the Christian clergy to wear distinctive dress. Its purpose was not necessarily to elevate the status of the Christian clerics. However, the rules at the time were not the same as the modern rules, and the rules vary by jurisdiction.

Until the Regency period, Anglican clergy regularly wore the cassock in public, after enjoying something of a revival in the mid-20th century, this custom is again less common. Some Anglo-Catholic clergy still wear the biretta. From the mid-eighteenth century, Bishops and archdeacons traditionally wore a shortened version of the cassock, called an apron (which hung just above the knee), along with breeches and gaiters. The gaiters, buttoned up the side, would cover the trouser leg to a point just below the knee. This form of everyday vesture, common up until the 1960s, is now almost extinct. (This was appropriate for them in the time when some of their travelling would be on horseback but continued into the middle of the 20th century.)