Uniting Church Name Badge

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Uniting Church Name Badge with Logo and Name.

Brooch, Combo, Magnetic or Rotary clip available.

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Uniting Church in Australia

The Uniting Church is the third-largest Christian denomination in Australia. On any Sunday more than 2,000 congregations worship at a Uniting Church. Including many congregations that worship in languages other than English. Our churches can be found deep in the heart of our cities, or in our most isolated and outback towns. Many congregations have existed for years while others are new and worship in different ways. Even though our congregations can be vastly different, each is a community in which people seek to follow Jesus, learn about God, share their faith, care for each other, serve the local community and seek to live faithfully and with real joy. This is the kind of engaging church that we are. If you would like to attend a Uniting Church service you will find a church here

The Uniting Church’s beliefs are drawn from the Bible and from the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds. The Church also heeds the Reformation Witness in the Scots Confession of Faith (1647), the Savoy Declaration (1658), and the preaching of John Wesley in his Forty Four Sermons (1793). It affirms the place of ongoing theological, literary, historical and scientific study. The UCA’s Basis of Union (1971) brings together aspects of these writings and traditions and sets out the church’s way of living and being.