St Lazarus – Stole

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P Blashki & Sons are not only manufacturers but also suppliers of high quality regalia and have have been for over 160 years. We proudly offer this St Lazarus – Stole.

St Lazarus

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The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is an international Christian chivalric Order. It is non-political, ecumenical and non-denominational. Its membership is by invitation. Membership is equally open to men and women who are practising members of the Christian faith within their particular denomination. Its international membership consists of Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Orthodox and other Christian denominations.

The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is an international self-governing and independent body, also having its own Constitution and a presence in 37 countries.

The Grand Priory of Australia comprises seven Commanderies centred on the various capital cities.

Commandery activities include meetings, special religious services and fundraising events. The Order is both a military and a hospitaller order. Accordingly, there are ranks of membership. Advancement through the Order is largely dependent on the member’s commitment to giving, and their voluntary work within and outside the Order. Christian worship and ceremony underpin the Order’s charitable works.

All commanderies meet regularly, usually every two months or so. In addition, holding annual general meetings to elect their executive officers also the Grand Bailiwick holds a national chapter and investiture annually. Each Commandery carries out its own humanitarian work. As does the Bailiwick on projects initiated by the National Council and the Grand Bailiff. Thanks to the efforts of its members the Order has made great progress over a short period of time. Making a positive contribution in aid of the sick or suffering and to the ecumenical Christian ideal.

St Lazarus – Stole.

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