Southern Cross University Academic Dress – Gown

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P Blashki & Sons manufacturers and suppliers of high quality regalia for over 160 years. Providing a Southern Cross University Academic Gown of the highest quality.

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Your graduation ceremony is a formal celebration of your achievement so we encourage appropriate dress.

Wear an appropriate seasonal outfit and consider the weather on the day, also that the gowns are quite warm.

Southern Cross University Academic Gown

Southern Cross University Graduation

Completing an award is a significant academic achievement and is rightly celebrated at the University’s prestigious Conferring of Awards ceremonies. Conferring of Awards ceremonies are inspiring events that have both formal and symbolic significance.

Graduation at the college and university level occurs when the presiding officer confers degrees upon candidates, either individually or en masse, even if graduates physically receive their diploma later at a smaller college or departmental ceremony. Not only will the faculty usually wear academic dress at the formal ceremonies, but also the trustees and degree candidates.

Ceremonies for graduating students date from the first universities in Europe in the twelfth century. At that time Latin was the language of scholarship. A “Universitas” was a guild of masters (MAs) with a licence to teach. “Degree” and “graduate” come from gradus, meaning “step”. The first step was admission to a bachelor’s degree. The second step was the masters step, giving the graduate admission to the universitas and license to teach. Typical dress for graduation is not only gown and hood, but also hats adapted from the daily dress of university staff in the Middle Ages, which was in turn based on the attire worn by medieval clergy.

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