Service Medal Ribbon Bar

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Service Medal Ribbon Bar.

For wearing on uniform tunic or shirt. Sewn onto a tunic or fitted with a brooch pin for a shirt. Maximum width is 4 ribbons thereafter we produce a second or subsequent row. Some female uniforms only permit a row of three ribbons.

Please detail Medal Ribbons required in “Order Notes” at checkout.

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Service Medal Ribbon Bar.

Military ribbons are awarded to service members for accomplishments during service. Additionally, certain ribbons, take precedence over other ribbons.

There are never to be empty spaces on a ribbon rack.

The term ‘ribbon’ applies to the silk ribbon of an order, decoration or medal.

Ribbon bar emblem. The term ‘emblem’ denotes surcharges affixed to the ribbons of ribbon bars. These include miniature crosses placed on the ribbons of the Victoria Cross and Cross of Valour, rosettes placed on the ribbons of long service medals to signify additional periods of service, and emblems placed on the ribbons of Commendations for Gallantry, Distinguished Service and Brave Conduct.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 35 × 220 × 145 mm