Queen’s/Senior Counsel Gown

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P. Blashki & Sons are not only manufacturers but also suppliers of high-quality regalia and have been for over 160 years. Providing a Queen’s/Senior Counsel Gown of the highest quality.

Queen’s Counsel or Senior Counsel wear a black silk gown, a bar jacket, bands or a jabot and a horsehair wig with curls at the side and ties down the back. On formal occasions, they wear full-bottomed wigs. In addition, Victorian Senior Counsel wear a black rosette hanging from the back of their gown.

Junior Counsel wear an open-fronted black stuff gown with open sleeves and a gathered yoke and otherwise wear the same outfit as Senior Counsel (other than full-bottomed wigs).

Counsel usually wear dark trousers or striped trousers, or a dark skirt for female barristers.

Barristers in all Australian jurisdictions, when required to do so, wear court dress as worn in the United Kingdom.

Queen’s/Senior Counsel Gown.

The style of court dress for barristers also depends on:
1. Whether they are Queen’s Counsel or Senior Counsel (barristers who have been formally recognised for their experience and skill), or
2. Junior counsel.

Full court dress for a barrister includes a wig and robes made up of a black bar jacket, jabot and gown. Queen’s Counsel and Senior Counsel are distinguished from junior counsel by the design and fabric of their robes.

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