Queen’s Counsel/Senior Counsel Gown

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Made from the highest quality fabrics at our Rowville factory in Melbourne.

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P Blashki & Sons manufacturers and suppliers of high quality regalia for over 160 years. Providing a Queen’s Counsel/Senior Counsel Gown of the highest quality.

Queen’s Counsel or Senior Counsel wear a black silk gown, a bar jacket, bands or a jabot and a horsehair wig with curls at the side and ties down the back. On formal occasions, they wear full-bottomed wigs. In addition Victorian Senior Counsel wear a black rosette hanging from the back of their gown.

Junior Counsel wear an open-fronted black stuff gown with open sleeves and a gathered yoke, and otherwise wear the same outfit as Senior Counsel (other than full-bottomed wigs).

Counsel usually wear dark trousers or striped trousers, or a dark skirt for female barristers. Barristers will not usually robe for procedural hearings (which are called ‘directions hearings’ in South Australia).

Barristers in all Australian jurisdictions, when required to do so, wear court dress as worn in the United Kingdom.


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