Queen’s/Senior Counsel – Barrister Bag

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Queen’s/Senior Counsel – Barrister Bag.

P. Blashki & Sons are not only manufacturers but also suppliers of high quality regalia and have been for over 160 years.

Made from specially woven brocade and matching cord also includes 3 finely embroidered initials in Gold, Silver or White.

Please indicate initials required in Order Notes during checkout.

Choice of colour: Burgundy, Green or Navy Blue.

Crafted to impress.

Queen’s/Senior Counsel – Barrister Bag.

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Brief bags (Sometimes known as the Blue Bag) are an essential piece of Barrister regalia. It is a bag usually carried by barristers and usually used to store books, wigs and robes so they can be carried safely. The bag is usually always monogrammed with the owner’s initials to help identify the bag. You will find almost all established Barristers will own a bag and use them religiously.

There are various theories around for the existence of the brief bag. One theory is that an instructing solicitor would place the fees inside a Barrister’s brief bag so that the Barrister would not have to lower himself to handling the money himself.

Another theory is that the bag, along with the long thin piece of black cloth that hangs down the front of the robe, is the remains of what would have originally been a hood attached to the gown, which the wearer would use to cover his head to protect him from the weather. Over a period of hundreds of years, this use has ceased, and now the bag and fabric are all that is left of this part of the gown.

Our bags are handmade precisely for you in our workshop in Melbourne, where we produce all of your legal garments.