Miniature RAN Sword

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Miniature RAN Sword.

Crafted to resemble a miniature sword and scabbard by the manufacturers of Royal Australian Navy swords. This item is the ideal presentation piece which also functions as a letter opener.

Intricately detailed, only 28 cm long and displayed on a presentation stand, in addition, it retails in a quality presentation pack.

These beautifully boxed miniature swords retain all the detail of the full-sized versions. They are manufactured to the same exacting standards and with the same traditional and British Ministry of Defence required components as their full-sized counterparts.

They make a perfect companion for the standard-sized swords or as a collection in their own right.

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Naval Swords

Miniature RAN Sword.

This beautifully boxed miniature sword captures over 200 years of military history.

In 1805, officers were first issued with the Royal Navy pattern sword.

In 1827, a solid-hilt design superseded this impressive but impractical design.

The adoption of a standardised blade occured in 1846, equally important, the current single-edged straight blade became standard issue in 1929.

The Royal Navy Sword today carried by Commissioned Officers features a gold-plated brass hilt, white fish-skin grip and a distinctive and elegant brass lion pommel.

Additionally, a magnificent full-sized version is also available.

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 320 × 250 × 105 mm

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