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P Blashki & Sons are not only manufacturers but also suppliers of high quality regalia and have been for over 160 years. We proudly offer this Maniple.

Regalia is tailor-made with care to your individual measurements and manufactured by our highly qualified staff in Melbourne. In addition, we use only the finest quality fabrics available.

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Maniple (vestment)

The maniple is a liturgical vestment used primarily within the Catholic Church. It is an embroidered band of silk or a similar fabric that when worn hangs from the left arm. Only used within the context of the Mass,  it is of the same liturgical colour as the other Mass vestments.

The purpose of the maniple is uncertain. It probably originated as a cloth the priest could use to wipe his hands and face. And can vary widely in size, shape, and degree of embroidery and ornamentation.

It is worn by a priest only when vested in a chasuble for celebrating Mass. A bishop celebrating a (Tridentine) Low Mass assumes the maniple only after the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar. And, if no cope is available, it allows the priest to give such blessings vested in an alb and wearing a stole, but without chasuble and maniple.

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