Court Mount Original Medals – Mini

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Court Mount Original Medals – Mini. Mounting of medals, with the medal sewn down to stop it swinging freely on a firm backing.

Price quoted is for mounting of original, mini medals. Mounting includes new ribbon and suspension from a Brass Brooch Bar.

Choose the number of medals to mount from the drop-down box.

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Court Mount Original Medals – Mini.

There are two methods of mounting medals; swing mounting and court mounting.
Swing mounting is when the ribbon is attached to a pin or brooch and the medals are able to freely swing from the ribbon. Most WWI and WWII groups are mounted in this fashion. Unfortunately, the medals are often damaged due to the contact they have with other medals while swinging free.
The second method is known as court mounting. This method attaches the ribbon to a backing card which has the brooch attached. The medals are stitched to the ribbon and backing so that they don’t move. This method is much safer than swing mount as the medal is less likely to fall off the ribbon. Also, there is minimal contact damage as the medals don’t move. It is easy to identify a group that has been court mounted as you can see the ribbon behind the medals.